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Purpose: Reference of whole World's wealth Technology: blockchain Centralization: No Hash function: SHA256 Coin abbreviation: TDC Total coins: ~2 bln Starting block reward: 150 coins Reward halving block count: 5039370 Difficulty adjustment period: 7 days, 1008 blocks Address prefixes: 65(T), 82(Z,a), tc address examples: TFhzDHA4M1W6eR3svCvdeiozmjWxPQFsMm aGBXeNS5RaVrw1nGPkSNtP6nkv5XYLp6Nc ( available after block 16128 ) tc1q2wjyg9qvmwvm96r753s68apzwmngalh5v247qh ( available after block 16128 ) Mining: Yes Genesis Date: 2019-05-04T02:18:15+00:00 Publish date: 2019-08-01T00:00:00+00:00 Facebook:

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